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Kerberos S.A. is a company dedicated at exceling providing IT consulting and services to businesses. Our primary objetive, and biggest effort, lays in helping our clients achieve their goals based on an efficient management their most valuable asset.



Integral solutions tailored to your needs Our vast trajectory and experience in different parts of the IT field has positioned ourselves as consulting leaders. Allowing us to be able to develop and optimize procedures in diverse fields and activities. Kerberos S.A. puts at your disposal a team of experienced and responsible professionals who will help you reach your most ambitious goals by the use of cutting-edge technology and the latest tools in the IT field. Small and big businesses make part out of our extensive list of successful cases.

Network Infrastructure

We design and implement simple as well as complex networks, starting from the physical planning to the installation of network services and migrations. Based on reliability, high availability, and performance we plan and design the network your company needs to meet the requirements regardless of the scale. We have professionals who specialized with a high level of specialization which empowers our ample experience on the real world. Our team is comprised by internationally certified specialists, with Microsoft certifications on Windows Server, SQL Server and Azure platforms, which credit solid knowledge in the real word.

Software Development

Development of custom software solutions Software development has been a fundamental core component in helping our team reach a greater level of integrity and maturity. Our experience in the development of custom tailored software solutions can be traced as far back as the beginnings of our company. Today we count on a skillful use and understanding of developments tools and technologies needed to implement the most ambitious software solutions. Our experience on this filed is comprised by desktop applications, as well as web and mobile solutions involving private networks and the internet.

Technical Service

Specialized Technical Service & Server Administration We have ample experience with infrastructure work and corporate networks. Our personnel have been trained and are internationally certified for the installation, configuration, and maintenance of servers, workstations, and other devices. ITLabs offers basic as well as specialized services, which assures a short response time against any type of contingencies and emergencies related to critical systems with high availability needs. The skill set of our technical team it’s backed by years of experience in the marketplace as well as credited by international certifications.


Which license should I acquire? Currently we have several methods of licensing available. To obtain the best investment when it comes times to acquire software licenses, it is essential to have the personal advice of specialized consultants. Specialized professionals in licensing consultant can credit their status by obtaining a certification in this field. IT Labs S.A. has professionals certified by Microsoft as Small Business Licensing Specialist, who will help you license correctly.


IT Training of the highest level. We have the most modern Training Center in the region, which allows us to offer curricular, as well as custom training. We count with a broad teaching experience providing training to the biggest companies in the region with on-company training. Our courses consist of basic to advanced computing training in the following areas: accounting systems, management systems, operating systems, server administration, internet, development, among others areas.

Internet Services

Web Hosting

We provide share hosting services, with incredible low costs, great resource availability and performance. For the most demanding businesses we offer Azure Cloud Computing.

Domain names

We manage and register to your name as many internet domain names as needed. You can also do this yourself on our site. Convenient prices, and preferential discounts on quantity purchases. Argentine domain name registries free of charge to our clients. Special prices on quantity purchases and to Resellers as well.

SSL Certificates

If you sell services or goods using the Internet and would like to offer a level of thrust to whomever visits your site, you need to obtain an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate encrypts the exchange of information between a site and its client preventing third-parties attacks which can steal or modify data. Installing an SSL certificate on your site, is the equivalent of you signing the site, letting the user who is browsing the site know that the site really belongs and its part of your company.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If your site does not appear on search engines like Google or Yahoo surely it’s because the code behind your site wasn’t written in accordance to the requirements of search engines, or it may contain syntax errors within the code, or could be victim of bad “design practices”. We can optimize your site code, fixing these issues, choosing the right keywords and descriptions to make each page of your site ‘Search Friendly’.

Web design

We design and develop simple and complex web sites to meet all the needs of the market, from corporate identity sites, to e-commerce web portals.

Cloud Computing

ITLabs S.A offers to its most demanding clients, Microsoft Azure access or management obtaining the highest level of flexibility. This service can be automated by the client, or totally managed by us.

International Certification

Closing the cycle of IT training , Kerberos S.A. has qualified as Pearson VUE Testing Center. This means that IT professionals in the region can count on having a Testing Center where they can obtain their Microsoft certifications, as well as certifications from other vendors.


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